Forget about confusing books.  Forget about waiting for expensive DVD's to arrive in the mail...

Eddie Elephant"Finally...Busy, Stay-At-Home Mom Reveals How To Make Cute Towel Animals Quickly And Easily -- For Only $1.00!"
     Eddie The Elephant      

Put My Online Videos To The Test.  Try Them For 45 Full Days.  
If Your Friends Aren't Gasping For Breath And Turning Green With Envy,
I'll Give You Your Money Back --  GUARANTEED!


 Leslie Millet
 Stay-At-Home Mom
 Chesapeake, VA
 Questions about my online videos? Unites States  Call: (757) 847-9514  9am-11pm EST

Dear Friend,

"Wow! That's pretty cool!"

That's what my husband said on a beautiful sunny day off the coast of the Bahamas.  He was slightly seasick, and watching the football game in our cruise ship cabin.

Why did he say that to me?  

Well, I had just burst into the cabin full of excitement -- I couldn't wait to show him what I had just learned in my class onboard the cruise ship.

It was time to SHOW him that I could make one of those cute towel animals our cabin stewards had been leaving in our rooms for the last few days.

So I grabbed one of the white towels next to our sink, and started folding, twisting, and pulling it the way I had been taught.

A couple of minutes later, there it was...a gorgeous towel elephant!              

Needless to say he was quite impressed...

Would you like to get the same jaw-dropping reaction from your friends, guests, and customers when they see your towel animals?

Keep reading and I'll show you how you can easily get it too -- starting just a few minutes from now, and for only $1.00!

But first...

What Cute Towel Animals Can You Learn To Make 
In Just Minutes From Now?

So far, here are the towel animals inside my video vault.  Which one would you make first?

Stinging Scorpion New! Stinging Scorpion    Tommy Tortoise New! Tommy Tortoise

Wally Worm New! Wally Worm              Freddy Frog New! Freddy Frog

Circus Seals New! Circus Seals             Creepy Cobra New! Creepy Cobra

 Funny Bunny The Funny Bunny                 Eddie Elephant Eddie The Elephant

 Sneaky Stingray Sneaky Stingray                   Swimming Swan Swimming Swan

 Porky Pig Porky Pig                              English Bulldog English Bulldog

 Slick Snail The Slick Snail                    Dumbo The Elephant Dumbo         

 Lazy Monkey Lazy Monkey                       Casual Cow Casual Cow

...And Many More To Come!!

Why Do You Want To Learn How To Make Towel Animals?

  • Do you run a hotel or own a bed & breakfast? Well, guess what people remember most when they go on a cruise -- the food, and the towel animals! 
          Watch your repeat business and housekeeping tips go through the roof when you start 
          putting these on the beds of your guests!
  • Are you a homemaker like me? Would you love to show off your towel animals in a guest room or bathroom? Imagine how your friends will react when they see one of these in your bathroom!
  • Are you a parent or grandparent looking for a fun activity with the kids? Believe me, your kids will have hours of fun learning to make these with you.
  • Are you a beginning or veteran crafter?  Have fun learning a new craft that other crafters don't even know how to do yet!
  • Are you an interior decorator, wedding planner, or event coordinator?  When you add creative towel folding to your bag of tricks, everyone will be talking about it!
  • Are you a clown or magician? Amaze your audience when you show them how to make animals out of not just balloons, but ordinary towels too!
  • Are you a Real Estate agent?  We've all seen the "Sell My House" shows on TV.  Staging is everything.  Use towel animals at your next open house as a unique way to help sell that next listing!
  • Are you a salon or spa owner?  Why not make your business different from everybody else and display your own towel animals?

Whatever your reason, I'm going to show you how to get there - and FAST!

"I Am So Happy I Found Your Website!"

"It is so much easier having you show me how to make the towel animals rather than trying to figure it out in a book!  I am so happy that I found your website!  I work in an inpatient hospice unit;  to make a cute little towel pet for my patients lightens up their day!  Also, other nursing staff get a kick out of seeing what animal they are going to see when they come in.   (I work the night shift.)  Again thank you for sharing your creativity with me.  Best of luck with your business, I think it is great!  (I had made them elephants last night with the free sample video,  loved by all!)"
-- Betty B.

"Can't Wait To Learn To Do More"

"It was awesome!! Can't wait to learn to do more..I am a newlywed that moved to xxxxxxx, VA a few months ago and friends from New York came down for my wedding. I will know next time they come to visit how to make their stay a little more interesting with your towel is so much easier than I thought!"
-- Leata I.

"I Feel Like I Have A New Friend"

"Just wanted to let you know how GREAT your video's are; I bought the book for towel animal folding on the cruise we just took, the diagrams in the book were very vague, I became frustrated so I went on line to find the answers, and almost bought a set of DVD's from 

WOW,  am I happy I found your web stite before I spent that much money.  What I like best about your web site is that you show me how and I can do it with you.  I also feel that if something was not clear I could write you and you would help.  I love the fact that you send
me e-mails with updates; I feel like I have a new friend.  Thank you so much."
-- Cathy H.

"Can't Wait To See The Reactions"

"It was fun and I enjoyed the experience and can't wait to see the reactions from friends and family. I am also going to try baby receiving blankets to make some of these animals for a baby shower."
-- Selma C.

"Very Fun"

"I am so glad I got a chance to see these, they are very fun."
-- Marianne L.

"Well Worth Spending The Money"

"Thank you so much. It is well worth spending the money for your videos. I look forword to learning more."
-- Lee Roy S.

"I Love It!"

"I love it! They are so cute, and I already put one on our bathroom counter, and everyone loves it and thinks it's so adorable whenever they come over! Thanks again!"
-- Roxy

"After Watching Your Videos I Was Folding Towel Animals In No Time"

"I work as a personal trainer and fitness instructor at a gym.  I have started using the towel folding techniques on your website to make towel animals for the members out of our facility's towels.  I've gotten a real kick out of doing it because it's kind of a secret - and I love to see the reactions on members' faces. 

The gym has gotten a lot of positive feedback from members who say that it reminds them of a cruise they or a resort vacation they took.  Not to mention how surprised the kids are to see a stingray or puppy dog in among the folded towels. 

The demonstrations on your website are sooo much more helpful to me than trying to figure out diagrams or written step-by-step instructions.  After watching your videos I was folding towel animals in no time.  You really do make it very easy and fun!  Thank you so much and I look forward to future animals!"
-- Beth
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Questions about my online videos? Unites States  Call: (757) 847-9514  9am-11pm EST

Do You Learn Better When Someone Tells You, Or Shows You?

Ok, here's the rest of the story...

When we got back from the cruise, my husband Tony searched the Internet for information on how to make more towel animals.

Surprisingly, he didn't find much.

Sure, there were a few books out there. And he even found a photocopied cruise line brochure that claimed to give "step-by-step" instructions.

Now listen. I don't know about you, but it's hard for me to learn from diagrams and words in a book.  Plus, most are just downright confusing!

I learn best when someone SHOWS me step-by-step how to do something. Just like when I went to the towel folding class on the cruise ship.

What About You?

When we couldn't find a quick and easy way to learn how to make towel animals, we decided we'd make our own!

Turn up your speakers and click the "Play" button for a short sample clip of my Funny Bunny towel animal video (keep reading to try the whole video, and others for only $1.00).  


Short Sample Clip Of Me Showing You How To Fold A Towel Animal
(see...isn't it much easier to be shown?)

Would You Rather Wait For Days, Or Start Making Towel Animals Right Now?

We started recording me folding towel animals on video. We thought we could make a DVD and sell it on Ebay or something, but with our super-busy lives, that was going to be a lot of work.

Plus, don't you want to start making them RIGHT NOW, instead of waiting on a DVD to come in the mail?

We still might make a DVD for people who still don't have Internet connections, but that's going to have to be a little farther down the road.

So, until then we decided to put my videos in a password-protected ONLINE "Video Vault".  You can actually start making your towel animals RIGHT NOW!  

And don't need to download any software or files to get started.

All my videos will play directly on your computer screen with one click.  Is that cool or what?

5 Reasons Why My Videos Are The Fastest, Easiest Way For You To Make Towel Animals

Here's why my towel animal video vault will help you quickly make towel animals that will impress your friends:

  • INSTANT Access. Begin learning to make your towel animals RIGHT NOW on your computer -- no waiting for me to mail you DVD's.  No waiting for a book in the mail.
  • UNLIMITED, 24/7 Online Access. Just use the User Id and Password I'll give you to watch the videos over and over again as much as you like, for as long as you like, whenever you like.
  • Complete, Step-By-Step Video Instructions. I've left nothing out. Watch me in detail on your computer as I slowly go from ordinary towel, to beautiful towel animal!
  • Audio Commentary. You won't just watch me make the towel animals, you'll hear all of my little tips & tricks as I go!
  • Accessory Ideas! You'll see my choice of accessories (sunglasses, eyes, etc) for each towel animal.

Bottom line, there's no way you can mess up watching my videos. They're fool-proof!

Your Friends Will Envy You When They See Your 
Towel Animals -- I Guarantee It...

Take 45 FULL days to watch and learn from my online videos...100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If your friends aren't gasping for breath and turning green with envy when they see your towel animals -- just let me know, and I'll refund every last penny you paid -- no questions asked!

This way, you have ZERO risk in learning to fold beautiful towel animals.  The risk is all on me.

How Much Is Access To My Online Vault?

Honestly, we've put HOURS & HOURS into getting all this set up.  Much more than we expected, so it's kinda hard to put a price tag on our work.

Our test results show that there are a large number of people willing to pay $47.97 for our complete set of "How-To" videos.  

When we're done, they'll be worth every penny of that -- and then some.

Special 'Under-Construction' Offer For Those 
Who Take Quick Action

But since we don't have all of the videos completed yet, I'm going to give you:

  • INSTANT Access to my online towel animal video vault.  So you can begin folding towels like a pro RIGHT NOW from your computer.  
          Once your payment is processed, you will be given:
     1.  A Website Address

     2.  A Private User ID 
     3.  A Password

     You will use this information to login and watch your videos as much as you want.
  • UNLIMITED Access to my online video vault.  Use it as much as you like, as often as you like.
  • My Audio Commentary while I make the animals (extra tips and tricks)
  • PLUS Accessory Ideas that will make your towel animals come alive!

Not for $47.97, but for only...

$19.47!  (only $1.22 per towel animal video!)

** Compare that to a popular DVD set being sold for $2.42 per towel animal video with no money-back guarantee if you've opened the videos and don't like them. **

Why Such A Low Price?

How can I afford to offer my towel animal videos for such a bargain?  Simple.  

Everybody else has to charge you for the cost of the product itself (paper for a book, physical DVD's, cases, etc.).  PLUS they've got to charge you the notorious "Shipping & Handling" fee!

All my videos are on the Internet, and you watch them right on your computer. I don't have any shipping and handling, or physical product to mail to you.

So, for the price you would pay for one of those confusing books, you get full-motion video that actually SHOWS you how to make your own towel animals!  

And you don't have to wait for my videos to come in the mail...start folding your towel animals RIGHT NOW.

But That's Not All You'll Get...


That's right, not only will you get the 16 towel animals in the online vault right now, but you'll also get ALL of the extra animals that we put into the vault!  Karate Kong!

We'll have over 25 different animals (like this one!) before we're done, and you'll get them ALL FOR FREE!

That's a $28.50 value by itself!  

Coming Soon...Karate Kong!

Mystery FolderFREE BONUS #2: Seven EXTRA towel animal videos!           ($8.50 value)

You'll also get access to a special video website with 7 extra online videos done by an Israeli "Mystery" towel animal expert.

You will learn how to make unique variations of the Elephant, Hanging Monkey, Turtle, Lobster,  Puppy, Goat, and even a Cat (meow...)!

BrochureFREE BONUS #3: Royal Caribbean's Towel Folding Instructions     ($4.99 value)

This is the same brochure that Royal Caribbean makes available on their cruises.  Although not as clear as the videos, it's still great to carry with you and refresh your memory on how make your towel animals.

Boat, Frog, Cat, Swan, Elephant, Lobster, and Monkey included on 6 pages.

Best of all, you can print it off right from your own computer!

That's a total value of $61.46 -- PLUS my 45-Day, 100% Money-Back 
"Green With Envy" Guarantee for only $19.47

But Act NOW And You Can Try My Towel Animal 
Videos For 10 Full Days For Only...


Call me crazy...but I'm so confident that my videos will teach ANYBODY how to fold beautiful towel animals that I'm willing to extend this special offer to you.

So yes, that means that you can actually test drive my videos for 10 full days for only $1.00. 

If you're not in love with the towel animals you've learned to make, then just cancel within 10 days and you won't pay anything else.  I'll even give you back your dollar!

Only after 10 full days will you be charged the remaining one-time payment of just $18.47.  

Fair Enough?

This Offer Won't Last Long!

Get access to my online towel animal videos NOW while you can.

Here's why...

Right now there are 16 towel animals in the vault.  But now that we've got this stuff figured out, we will be adding more and more animals in the near future.  

Every time we add videos, the price will goes up (we started at $12.97). If you wait, you'll have to pay more to get access until we get to our $47.97 target price. 

So if I were you, I'd lock in my spot NOW.

What've You Got To Lose?

Except for possibly:

  • The astonishment of your friends
  • Fun time with your children or grandchildren
  • Repeat business at your hotel, salon, or spa      
  • And increased tip income ?

Go ahead and click the blue "Yes! Give Me My 10-Day Trial For Only $1.00" button below. Then grab your towel, and start folding these amazing towel animals in the next few minutes!

How Does It All Work?

We've gotten a lot of questions asking how you will be able to watch the videos and how the site works.  So my wonderful husband (Tony) has recorded a short video to SHOW you exactly how the site works and how you'll be able to watch your videos (it's really simple!).

Just turn up your speakers and click the big arrow to see it...

YES!YES!  Leslie, I'd like to try your towel animal videos for only $1.00.  What do I have to lose? If I'm not thrilled with the videos, I can just cancel within 10 days and not pay anything else. Just charge me the remaining one-time payment of $18.47 after my 10 day trial period is up.

Give me instant, unlimited, online access to your towel animal video vault,
PLUS my 3 FREE bonuses covered by your 45-Day, 100% Money-Back
"Green With Envy"
Click Here

(Secure payments by PayPal.  No PayPal account?  Don't worry -- It's quick, easy, and FREE to get one!)

Questions about my online videos? Unites States  Call: (757) 847-9514  9am-11pm EST

100% Secured Payments Handled By Paypal

Warmest Regards,
You've got my word on it!

Leslie Millet
Stay-At-Home Mom

PS:  Imagine what it's going to be like folding beautiful towel animals in JUST MINUTES from now... 

How are you going to feel when your friends see one of them and BEG you to show them how to do it?   Pretty good, huh?

That's why you need to get your 10-Day trial -- right now.

  • Follow along, the video over and over until you're a pro
  • Listen in on all of my comments as I go...
  • Steal all my accessory ideas (it's ok - I give you permission!)

Bonus #1! Unlimited Updates for FREE - never miss out on the latest creations, never pay an extra charge

Bonus #2! 7 EXTRA "Mystery" towel animal videos

Bonus #3! Royal Caribbean Towel Folding Instructions

You risk nothing...if you don't like the videos - get 100% of your money back within 45 days.

Seriously, if you're at all interested in learning how to make towel animals, you must act quickly.  Once we add more animals to the online collection, the price WILL GO UP.

Click the blue "Yes! Give Me My 10-Day Trial For Only $1.00" button below and start impressing your friends -- Right Now.

YES!YES!  Leslie, I'd like to try your towel animal videos for only $1.00.  What do I have to lose? If I'm not thrilled with the videos, I can just cancel within 10 days and not pay anything else. Just charge me the remaining one-time payment of $18.47 after my 10 day trial period is up.

Give me instant, unlimited, online access to your towel animal video vault,
PLUS my 3 FREE bonuses covered by your 45-Day, 100% Money-Back
"Green With Envy"
Click Here

(Secure payments by PayPal.  No PayPal account?  Don't worry -- It's quick, easy, and FREE to get one!)

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